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Monday, 3 May 2010

Scorpion Seer

So this is something I tried out once or twice in 4th Ed and totally forgot about until after seeing a poll on Awaking Ynnead.

While I typically use my Farseer to boost shooting power there's no reason they can't up combat ability too. As long as you're not running into squads full of power weapons a quick roll of Fortune before the combat is going to turn Striking Scorpions into some pretty resiliant dudes. If my math-hammer is correct somewhere near 90% chance to pass saves, which even on the toughness of an Eldar is going to make a solid unit. Add into that Doom and they'll be cutting a pretty clean path through for little damage in return.

So though I previously said I was going to drop the Scorpions from my list I may rethink that. Besides which, Scorpions are obviously the coolest Aspect out there!


  1. I used to own an Eldar army and always enjoyed being able to decide where my Farseer was going based on my opponent's army. Sometimes he ran around with the Scorpions and sometimes with the Banshees. He's a powerful character no matter where he is on the board.

  2. Yeah, Farseer can boost things so much. I'm half tempted to make room for a second Farseer if possible. Two Fortune Seers marching up giving me rerolls on the Conceal saves in my Guardian squads should give a surprisingly resilient shield, then unload at close range with Shuriken Catapults and Scorpion combat onto Doomed squads.

    Now I just need to come up with a way of getting my army into range to pull it off!

  3. It's why I love Apoc - just drop a farseer in every unit - Good times.

  4. A Farseer in every unit, very Ulthwe! Wouldn't mind being able to pull that off.