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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Battle Brothers - NidCrons

My local store is running a tournament in a few months time, a doubles tournament called Battle Brothers with players only using the contents of a single battalion/battleforce box plus an HQ. Other than that you've got a free hand to field anything you can manage from that one box.

I'm expecting to see tables full of pairs of Space Wolf players spamming Lone Wolves and Wolf Guard, but that's not really my style. So I'm planning on teaming up with long-time opponent Shrooms to see how much carnage we can cause. As there's no Terminator battleforce it was either more for my Eldar or start something new, and I must admit I'm uninspired by the Eldar box. So, it's time for me to start yet another 40k army to sit next to my almost painted Eldar, unpainted Terminators and partly painted Warhammer Dark Elves.

Back in the day when I was first getting into 40k (some time during 2nd Edition) the Necrons were just being released. I had something like a Lord (metal model), two Destroyers (metal "tricycle" models), a handful of Scarabs (individual metal models) and a couple of dozen Warriors (metal models). How things have changed, modern Necrons have their own codex, and a whole range of some rather nice plastic miniatures.

So I've been reading up on a bit of Necron tactics, mostly from Fritz40k who certainly seems to know what he's doing. There's also rumours of new Necrons soon which really means I should hold off a bit, but probably means I'll forge ahead and end up with a redundant army!

And while I'm sending out my shooty robots what will Shrooms be doing? Well, last we talked he seemed pretty keen on finally getting around to building that Tyranid army he's been meaning to do for years now. This could make quite a nice combination, his swarmy bugs can run up front and get shot leaving my Necrons quite safe. Oh, and I should probably say something sensible about a mix of tactics and style too.

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