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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Horus Defeated

Played a game of the Horus Heresy board game from Fantasy Flight with my girlfriend tonight. She's not a 40k player and also hadn't played this before, but occasionally humours me by pretending to be interested in the 40k universe. Which is quite sweet of her really.

Sadly she must have learned a thing or two from listening to me, because she managed to halt the advance of Horus and his forces of Chaos for long enough for reinforcements to arrive.
It's a good game, though I don't often get a chance to play it so remain pretty rusty on the rules. Like other Fantasy Flight games I've played the rules can be a bit convoluted and not always presented in the most understandable manner. This meant a fair bit of flicking back and forward in the rulebook, and even a couple of mid-game revelations. And like other Fantasy Flight games it's a great piece of kit, lots of little plastic models, thick card tokens, "gazillions" of cards (as described by Jenny) and a great board to play on.

All in all it's a game I really like, and will hopefully get more chances to play soon!

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